Sunday, April 11, 2010

Catching up

Wow...2 months and no posting. I'm going to blame my laziness on the winter doldrums. Well, the snow is now long gone, and we are enjoying the beautiful warm weather. So, no more excuses for me.

I'm happy to report that Hope officially became our daughter on March 23, 2010. That's right...our re-adoption finally went through, after 6 months of waiting for a court date. You gotta love Philadelphia's legal system. Below are a couple of pics from the big day.

Hope is doing great. She is currently taking a tumbling class and a music class. She's a little soft on the tumbling, but she loves her music class. She loves to stand in front of the instructor and dance away.

She's also been doing a lot of talking. She is obsessed with our neighbor, Charlotte, and we hear Char-char around the clock. Short stack (our dog)and Suz-suz (our other neighbor)are among her other favorite words. Occasionally, we do get to hear a Mama and Daddy, so I guess we can't complain.

Now what you've been waiting for...the cute pics.


Somewhere Behind the Morning said...

Congrats!!! How exciting it's all official now!! Hope is getting so big, and she's lovely as always!! :)

Somewhere Behind the Morning said...

LOL! Yes, you did tell me so!! :) But, we are still adopting a little girl even though the wait from this point is approx. another 12 months until referral... My friend has been at #2 on the baby girl list for 50 days. :( It's crazy- so many new families and no referrals!! So, we wanted to help a child in the meantime who needed us ASAP, and it looks like, with the rainy season delays, it may be Sept. 2011 before our daughter comes home. WOW! So many of us are bummed because we know kids in Ethiopia need homes NOW, and it's upsetting the program changes and other things have greatly increased the wait. IAN finally is working with 2 new orphanges, but I believe they said the children will be older.

Thanks for caring about me! I was worried since I hadn't seen you post in awhile, and I'm glad everything is okay up in PA! :)

Meghan W. said...

Hi Steph! Long time no talk. I am so happy to see your updates on Hope (found the website in my inbox). I'd love to stop by and see you all some time. Keep up with your posts!