Wednesday, September 16, 2009

If you won't blog, I will!

I've been a very bad blogger, and as you can see, Hope is trying to take over for me. Aside from blogging, Hope has many new talents. She is a very good walker, and is working her way up to running. Her vocabulary includes: Hi, Bye, Daddy, and Cat. She loves emptying cabinets, and rearranging furniture. Plus, she is an expert at changing TV channels, muting the TV, and turning it off, when you are trying to watch it.

Hope has noticed that there are a number of frequent visitors to our blog, If you enjoy our blog, please introduce yourself. Don't be shy; we like to know who our friends are.

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The Andersons said...

Hi Steph - Its been while since I stopped by. I LOVE seeing these pic of Hope! She is growing up so much. Her hair is totally adorable. Keep blogging - I love watching all the IAN kids grow up!