Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Legacy of the Adopted Child

This week we celebrate two milestones in our family. The first is on Monday June 22; it is the 4 month anniversary of bringing our little girl home. The second milestone is Tuesday June 23, Hope's 1st Birthday. Although I'm busy preparing for next weekend's 1st birthday bash, I can't help but think of Hope's birth mother. This must be a difficult time for her. I'm sure that she is thinking of her daughter, and wondering where she is and how she is doing.

I want to share the following poem with everyone. My sister gave it to me for my baby shower, and I read it often, especially when I have Hope's birth mother on my mind.

Once there were two women who didn't know each other

One you do not remember

The other one you call mother

Two different lives shaped to make you one

One became your guiding star

The other became your sun

The first one gave you life

The second one taught you to live it

The first one gave you the need for love

The second one was there to give it
One gave you nationality
The other gave you a name

One gave you talent

The other gave you aim

One gave you emotions
The other calmed your fears
One saw your first sweet smile
The other dried your tears

One sought for you a home she could not provide
The other prayed for a child
And now you ask me through your tears

The age old question unanswered through the years
Which are you a product of?

Neither my darling, neither
Just two different kinds of Love

Hope is one month old in the photo above. It was her referral picture, and it was taken on her first day at Hope for the Abandoned orphanage.

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